The Making of Meraki: Essential Elements to Establishing Your Brand

To master the craft of establishing a memorable and engaging brand, there are two distinguishable elements to consider – brand strategy and identity.

Whether you’re just starting with a vision or want to enhance your existing brand, our experts share some fundamentals to guide you.

Brand Strategy ‘Defining Moments’

At the foundation of your business lies a concept. To build a brand around this concept, you must establish your vision, mission, target market and competitors. Begin by asking yourself:

  • What is the product/service we offer?
  • Who are we offering it to?
  • Who are we competing with and what makes us different?

Answering these questions will guide the next stage of the branding process, developing your identity.

Brand Identity ‘Inception of Your Brand’

With a clear strategy to direct your design, you can now create an identity that illustrates your product or service and how you want your consumers to engage with it. Every detail counts, so choose your designer wisely!

In this stage, you begin to intentionally curate your brand design by considering these elements:

  • Typography
  • Color Palette
  • Form and Shape

When creating a logo, website and all business communications, these elements allow you to establish a consistent style that consumers will associate with your business.

Your consumers deserve a well-sculpted brand. A brand that they want to be a part of. One that is worth investing in.

The concept for the Meraki Crew was established to provide digital marketing solutions that enhance the positioning of small- to medium-sized businesses in today’s digital market. By placing equal value on effective services and design, we set out to combine beauty with durability. And we chose to do so with a twist.

We wanted our visual brand identity to ambiguously depict who we are. This is what inspired our name; the word ‘Meraki’ – a modern Greek word for doing things with soul, love and creativity, or putting a piece of oneself into the work done. And to maintain our Greek mythology theme, we chose Hephaestus – the Greek god of the forge – for our logo. A skillful artist, sculptor, jeweler, and blacksmith. Hephaestus, much like our Meraki Crew, crafts strong, durable objects that are also intricate and beautiful. His creations, as with our services, equipped warriors like Achilles with the armour that led them to victory.

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